Winter Wardrobe Warmers

Winter Wardrobe.jpg
Boots-Boohoo,  Pink Ribbed Jersey – Newlook,  Cream Ribbed Polo Neck Jersey- Primark,

Happy Sunday!

I can’t believe we are fast approaching October! The days are getting shorter, the nights longer and the weather colder.

I’ve started to make movements on my Winter wardrobe and hopefully every month will purchase new additions to add to my collection.

At the moment I am loving ribbed jerseys and polo necks. They can either be dressed up or dressed down and are perfect to wear to work with a pencil skirt or to wear on a casual night out pairing it with knee high boots.

Speaking of…I absolutely adore my knee high boots from Boohoo. These are my first knee high boots and I have to admit, at first I was scared that they might not fit over my calfs!.. but they do. 🙈

I can alter my style in many ways with these boots, from casual, to smart casual to dressy to sexy!

It’s my boyfriends birthday next month and I am planning to wear these boots when we go out.

Stay posted for my looks.

If you can suggest any other looks or share your style ideas I create with these boots, I would be happy to know!

Az x

Scent of  A Dream…Charlotte Tilbury

CT Perfume.jpg
Scent of A Dream by Charlotte Tilbury

Good evening loves, I hope everyone had a nice long weekend. I did too!

I’m not sure if any of you have seen my instagram page (azaniadesigns) but the official Charlotte Tilbury liked my picture above and commented! I was quite chuffed to say the least. 😁

Again, I was lavished with some more gifts and Scent of A Dream was one of them. Although I prefer furity and playful notes in my perfume, this perfume is the complete opposite and yet..I like it.

It is a strong smell, less playful and more serious…definitely aimed at a maturer audience.

Again depicting the classy, chic, and elegant woman.

It’s one of those scents that you would not wear everyday but for a grand occasion such as night out at the Opera, a Ballet or for a romantic evening with your lover…in Paris..under the Eiffel Tower. ❤

CT Lip strokes.jpg

I also want to get back to you all on my review on the Charlotte Tilbury lippies. I could not take a selfie with them as the colours did not suit me 🙈  but they do feel nice and smooth on the skin when applied and as you can see, quite rich in colour, hence why I would need to blend the colours with other lipsticks to water it down for my complexion as the pigment is strong.

I would definitely recommend her lippies and would like to try a burgundy colour as I find those lip colours suit me.

Do any of you have a burgundy colour lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury? And would you be able to show me what it looks like applied on.

Az xx



Bikini Goals

beach body 3.jpg
Pride Magazine, Boux Avenue & Glamour Magazine Reads

Happy Sunday guys! This is been a great (and busy) weekend as I have received some good news and I am also counting down the days until my holiday!! I have  just over four weeks to grab hold of some stylish bikini’s and swimsuits.

I purchased two bikini’s from Boohoo last week. One unfortunately did not fit properly so I had to return it. I will be purchasing some more but I have seen some nice ones on Missguided and in Boux Avenue, although Boux Avenue does seem a little pricey…may have to treat myself to just one.

I’m not sure if any of you ladies have this problem but because of my body shape, I do find Bikini shopping a bit hard as I am slim at the top but bottom heavy  (Pear shaped I think is the word) so when I buy a set I don’t always get a perfect fit. I might be better off getting mix and match bikini sets so that I can pick the sizes individually.

I am also looking for patterned and colourful styles as well and not just your average plain Jane bikini.

Any body have any recommendations of any other online stores or shops for quirky but flirty, stylish and sexy bikini’s or swimsuits?

Az x

And the Holiday Shopping Begins!…

Blog outfit 1.jpg
Left – Right: Highwaisted Shorts-Primark, Printed Bikini- Asda George,  Black & Tan Sandels-Primark

Good evening guys, I have just under seven weeks until me and the mister fly out to Malta! I’ve been working hard these past couple of weeks so I am gladly looking forward to this bank holiday weekend where I am planning to indulge in some retail therapy and chill.I’ve started to write a list of the things I want to get (whether I stick to whats on it is another thing 🙈 ) and I have seen a couple of cute outfits on my beloved BooHoo site and on Missguided.

Whenever I choose to go on a little shopping spree I always start off with Primark. I think they have decent quality clothing for casual wear and just your basic Tees , vest tops and cami’s. I also find them alright for  accessories and everyday clothing essentials. I do try to not buy a lot from there as you end up wearing the same thing as everyone else so I recommend exploring different stores and diversifying your wardrobe.

Although these may not be the first places you initially think of when clothes shopping, supermarkets such as Asda (George clothing) and Tesco (F&F) actually have nice pieces at affordable can definitely pick up a thing or two.

I have not been abroad in a long while and I intend to make this a holiday with style. Do you readers have any recommendations any other stores or sites?

Your recommendations will be much appreciated 😘

Az x

Colour Moodboard

My collection of images for colour mood board (Rose)

Hey loves, I got a little creative this weekend. The Sun’s beginning to shine brighter and it’s heading closer to that time where  we can add more colour to our wardrobes and accessories.  The colour Rose is one of Spring/Summer 16 trends of the season along with other pastels. Although this colour is not strikingly bright, it is conservative and subtle.

I am wearing Collection Almost Nude 10

In less than 8 weeks I will be flying out on a ‘Baecation’ 😄  trip with the mister to Malta! The idea of being surrounded by Sun, Sand and Sea in the Mediterranean gets me excited and I always associate bright colours and patterns with exotic places.

I will be doing my holiday shopping soon so expect to see some colourful posts and patterns coming this way!

Az ❤️ x

My Post Valentines

Hi guys! I apologise for the late post. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day last weekend.

Just thought I’d share with you what I wore!

I was treated to an overnight stay in a hotel which included a three course dinner meal, so for a few days I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to wear, so I went onto my beloved site

I absolutely love Boohoo. I find their clothes fashionable, chic and I never have a problem with their sizes. Seeing as it was Valentines day, I wanted to be traditional and wear red, but not blood red, more like wine red.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 18.38.56
Eve Slinky Cross Front Midi Bodycon Dress- Boohoo Night
My selfie in the dress/Make Up – FM Cosmetics & Mac Matte Sin Lipstick








I do like figure hugging outfits.. but it does depend on the occasion. If you want to show off your assets in a modest way of course, the body con dresses for casual or going out is always a winner with me.

As usual, the nails had to get done..I wasn’t as adventurous with them as my my last post, but I wanted it to look classy with my outfit and not clash. I actually had a small accident and broke two of them…I could have cried! 😅 but luckily they were saved.


My next event to celebrate will be my birthday in the next couple of weeks so the outfit brainstorming begins all over again!

I’m open to any styles and design ideas you may have or suggestions to help me decide. Any other recommended clothing sites or stores will be appreciated.

Az x



Mustard Anyone?

Moodboard SS16

One of the colour trends of the season! Yellow, Tan, Mustard, Buttercup! Out with the quiet hues and in with the loud! No matter the weather, you will always keep the Sun shining with this colour trend.

Nail pic 1 blog
FM Make Up Nail Lacquer Papaya

I just had to try this colour on my nails. Was daring but why play it safe? I’m wearing: Papaya FM Nail Lacquer – 10ml. I just love it on my coffin shaped nails! This is definitely a must have colour for this Spring 16.

Spring Nails on Fleek!