Body Shopping


Hey guys, I hope you’re all good. I’m alright, but just been busy working and trying to catch some of this September sun before it’s all gone!

Seeing as the weather has been so good to me and my skin..(as my skin loves heat) I thought I’d take some time out and treat my body to some TLC.

I popped into the Body Shop and purchased a few moisturisers. You can’t go wrong with the Body Shop and I have never had any problems or reactions with any of their products on my skin.

As my skin was very warm, I asked the sales assistant if there was a cream that moisturised and cooled the skin at the same time. She showed me the Pina Colada Sorbet which feels amazing! It’s so cool when applied onto the skin instantly cooling you down. It also smells like coconut so you feel and smell fresh..I think this moisturiser is perfect for when you’ve just come out of the shower or a steam room…I will be taking this along with me on my next spa trip!

I then went onto Primark and had a look at their make up range for the first time. I saw a customer pick up the eyelashes and she told me that her friend recommended them to her. They must be decent quality so I purchased a pack as I would normally buy my lashes from Sally’s which can be a bit pricey. (I’ve yet to try on these lashes but when I do I’ll be sure to take a selfie).😉

I then went onto lips, and I had a look at their pencils. They are quite thick but are smooth when applied and can easily be blended with other lippies which is what I’ve been doing. I would say give primark lip pencils a try..there’s no harm in having some of these in your make up stash.

Az xx

Contouring with Sarah Artistry


Hi loves, so in my previous post, I did mention that I had a busy weekend last week and that was because I attended a Contour & Highlighting class with Sarah Artistry and her squad. It was great!

If you remembered my post titled ‘Can”t Touring’…well I now can! I personally think it’s a lot more effective learning something when it’s in front of you where you can ask questions and visibly see results rather than on Youtube. 


Sarah and her squad treated us to having our faces contoured and highlighted using her Sarah Artistry contour kit which I quite liked..I will look to try and treat myself to one after payday and let you know what I think.



Charlotte Tilbury Make Up


Charlotte Tilbury Lippies “Tell Laura” & “Nude Kate”

Happy Saturday my loves! I hope all is well! How has your week been? Mine’s been quite busy and I also had a busy but very productive weekend just gone (which I definitely need to share with you) so right now I’m just chilling with the Mister, kicking back and blogging in the Sunshine.

Forgive me guys but I had never heard of Charlotte Tilbury before. My boyfriend gave me those gorgeous lipsticks this week as a gift. The presentation alone seemed classy and chic and I began to think that perhaps this is a brand most targeted to older women rather than the younger audience.

I have yet to use the lippies as I think they are too well presented to be used! However, I will try them and get back to you with a review as the Charlotte Tilbury brand is new to me.

Would any of you be able to give me some feedback on her products if you have used them, and which ones you prefer, recommend and why.

I would be most grateful for your comments.



Catchin’ Up

Beauty Blog Pic

Hi guys, it’s been sooo long since I posted my last post. Apologies for that,but alot has gone on since I came back from trip to Malta (which was lovely by the way). I’ve also started my new job now which is very different to my last so I’m still trying to find my feet.

I also went to Poland for a couple of days for the FM Cosmetics seminar which was great! If you check out my Instagram page,

I was able to observe and video the make up stand. I did notice that there definitley needs to be a wider variety of cosmetics for women of colour.

There’s a few I have pictured above but I would have wanted to top up my make up stash with more. Hopefully in the next couple of months there will be an increase in cosmetics for women of colour and I will be reviewing them on here so stay tuned!

Az xxx

It’s Like Candy

blog candy 4

Gettin’ Ready for Summer:   FM Make Up Fruity Lip Glosses & Imperial Leather Bodywash

Good evening my lovelies, I hope everyone is having a nice bank holiday weekend. I know I’ve enjoyed mine! And as I mentioned some good news in my previous post, the good news is that I start a new job after my holiday! I am very much excited for the plans commencing in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve started on my toiletries shopping and I came across the new edition of Imperial Leather’s sweets fragranced body wash.

Now, if you know me, I absolutely love toiletries and generally all things that smell nice whether it be candles, soaps or sprays.

If you like sweet smelling products, definitely try out the Marsh Mallow and Fruit Chew bodywash.

I also purchased FM Cosmetics fruity lip glosses. Sometimes I want a break from all the lippies and liners so a coloured gloss is always a good substitute for a fun and flirtatious look.

Available in four flavours;

Raspberry, Peach, Wild Strawberry, Cherry

Az x

 Made up by Kiko Milano


 Hello my lovelies! I hope all is well.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve taken a selfie..or selfies for that matter. So following on from my last post, some of you lovely readers suggested I do a make up look with my Kiko Milano products.

As mentioned before I had not heard of them and the pictures above  is from having used them for the first time so I thought it would be nice to share them with you.

I am wearing Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow No: 215, and Kiko Unlimited Stylo No: 12 Burgundy Lipstick. I’ve used eyeliner pencil to fill in my eyebrows which is one I get from the hair shop, FM Cosmetics 3 Step mascara which I swear by..its the only mascara that makes my lashes so long that I have been asked if my lashes are falsies! and believe it or not, I actually have no foundation on..just vaseline.

I quite like the eyeshadow as it is light and has a natural finish..I tend to like natural looking make up, especially for everyday way wear just to enhance my features without looking to heavy or done up.

To my suprise, I am loving the colour of the lipstick. It’s a lighter shade than what I usually wear..I like maroon or a currant kind of colour but this colour for me comes out pinkier and I like it! It just seems playful and summer ready..I can definitely see me rocking this lip colour with a pair of raybans or aviator sunglasses cruising in the car or better yet, riding shotgun as the mister drives.

I will be getting some more cosmetics from KIKO, they have playful colours and Summer is around the corner! Now is the time to experiment and let loose. I would definitely recommend them as a brand to try and if you like, add them to your make up collection.

Az x

Kiko Milano Cosmetics

Kiko 2

Clockwise:  Infinity Eyeshadow No: 215, Infinity+ Eyehadow No: 400, Unlimited Stylo No: 12 Burgundy

Good evening readers, I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. I would have posted yesterday but the weather was just too sweet! Sunshine in London can be quite scarce so when the Sun’s out you’ve got to be out too.

I took a trip to city with my friend and she introduced me to a make up brand called Kiko. I’ve never heard of them before and she told me that in her opinion they were good quality at an affordable price.

It must be true because when I when I got there it was packed, similar to when you go to a MAC concession within a department store.

I treated myself to some natural coloured eyeshadows and a burgundy lipstick. To my surprise it only came under £13.00.

I’ve yet to try them but when I do…and if it’s as good as my friend says it is (and I do trust her opinion) then I am definitely going to visit again.

Have any of you readers heard of this brand before? And if so, what her thoughts and opinions?

Your reviews will be much appreciated.

Az  x

Five Shades of Colour

Hey guys. Happy Easter! but what a miserable day it is. Nevertheless it encourages us to stay indoors and chill with our friends and family..and in my case work on my post.

I was meant to share this a couple of days ago actually, I bought some more cosmetics to add to my make up collection. They also have some new additions to their lips range that they have released which I’m sure to purchase soon.

I never used to focus much on my lips, but these days I’m beginning to like experimenting with different colours, textures and finishes..using lip liners and mixing them with clear glosses..luckily I already have full lips so I don’t need to spend time trying to make them look bigger!

lip gloss
FM Make up Lip Glosses

Clockwise: Spicy Nude, Innocent Pink, Chilly Brown, Subtle Rose & Plum Gold

I like to use the spicy nude and plum gold. The spicy nude creates a tingling sensation making the lips appear more fuller and plump. The colours do last for a while but I tend to put them on top of my lipstick just to add that extra shine.

Check out my instagram page for more images.

Az x


Belated Beauty Birthday Gifts

L’Occitane mini beauty kit

Happy Sunday guys! I haven’t posted in a while…my birthday weekend prevented me 😋 but I’m back.

I received some beautiful gifts and this gorgeous luxury set is one of them! 😍 I like little feminine cosmetics mini kits like these…even the box is cute!

I have also never used L’Occitane products before so this will be my first time.

Contents included; Left to Right in box: Cleansing and Softening shower gel, Soap, Essential Water. Left to Right: Delightful Rose Hand Cream, Body Milk Lotion, Neroli & Orchidee Eau de Toilette

If any of you lovely readers have used these products, please let me know your reviews and thoughts.

Az x


Mum’s The Word

Happy Wednesday guys! We’re half way through the working week..Which also means we’re getting closer to Mother’s day. Just thought I’d throw some gift ideas out there.

FM Group Cosmetics

Why not pamper Mum with quality cosmetics and present in the classy lifestyle box which can be reused to store all of her beauty essentials!

The above is just an example but you can tailor make your lifestyle box to include as many cosmetics as you like. You can mix and match and you could include perfumes too.

*Left to Right* Coral Blush, Volcanic Brown Eyeshadow Duo, Blur Burgundy Eyeshadow Duo, Sunrise Pink Extra Rich Lipstick, Sweet Latte Extra Rich Lipstick, Porcelain Second Skin Foundation, Warm Walnut Advanced Foundation, Warm Chocolate Mattifying Effect Foundation, Opal Illuminating Effect Foundation

You can contact me for information/requests or follow my instagram page for product info.

Az x

Skincare vs Nature- The battle between maintaining good skin in the harsh Winter months

Skincare blog pic
The Skin System Range formulated for Asda

Good afternoon my lovelies! Hope everyone had a good week. I can’t believe this the last day of the month..where has the time gone!?

I feel like I’ve had quite a hectic week to be honest..this probably relates to most of us which explains why the time is going so fast! So yesterday I decided to treat myself to a mini pamper day…got my nails done and took some time out to take care of my skin.

I try at least one weekend to apply a facemask alongside my daily routine of moisturising and cleansing.

However, the weather this time of year is very harsh and can affect the skin in different ways so I may look to apply the facemask twice a week instead.

I know that with my skin at this time of year, I can get blemishes and little dark areas which can slightly change my pigmentation. I did go to the doctors about this previously and I was told that people of darker complexions tend to get this and other skin conditions when the weather gets colder…which I can see makes sense.

So how do I take care of my skin in the harsh Winter months?

Cleansing and Exfoliating

I like to experiment with different products, so instead of getting the usual Clearasil or Garnier products I thought I’d try Asda’s skin care range. I was already using the wipes daily to take off my make up but I hadn’t tried their face washes.

Skincare blog pic 2
Left- The Skin System Facial Scrub/ Right-The Skin System 3 in 1 Mask Scrub & Cleanser

I’ve been using it for quite some time now and I haven’t got anything bad to say about it!

I use the facial scrub most mornings. The tea tree and menthol aroma is actually soothing and freshens my face in the morning…waking me up! It also has exfoliating beads which I like in facial washes as I feel like I’m taking off grease and clearing my pores out. (I mostly moisturise my face with cocoa butter and if it’s really cold then Vaseline..I don’t use a lot but it is thick so it’s good for me to get a face wash that will take all that off). The Aloe Vera helps moisturise the skin afterwards not making it feel too dry after washing.

In the evening I alternate, I sometimes use the face mask as a wash and don’t let it set or use baby soap. I prefer not to use the same product all the time as I don’t want my skin to get too accustomed to a particular type or else it becomes less effective.

In my next skin care post, I will show what products I use on my skin when moisturising and how the weather determines my choice.

If you have a daily skincare routine do let me know, and any further advice, tips or reviews on what you use on your skin.

❤️ your skin.

Az x


Can’t Touring


During the week, I was able to book some time off work and pop into the FM Cosmetics Store to replenish some of my favourite make up pieces. I will be introducing  a brand of make up and cosmetic products that I use and mix with other brands to my page.

FM Group by Fedrerico Mahora is a brand that specialises in quality perfumes, beauty products and make up. They also have other product lines for the Home and Coffee.

FM Group Make Up products contain plant extracts, oils and rich in minerals. They are a relatively  new brand so they are constantly increasing their range of cosmetics and diversifying in order to appeal to all skin types.

Coming from an African Caribbean background and having darker skin; it sometimes can be quite a challenge to find the right shades to suit my complexion so I prefer to shop around and try different brands to enable me to figure out what textures I like, the finish and most importantly, how it reacts with my skin.

So, as I was flicking through the catalogue I came across their contour kit. I have heard about contouring but I’ve have never actually tried the I intend to give it a go! I’m not a make up artist but I am an artist, so I am hoping that the result shouldn’t be too bad. I know there are quite a few good kits out there and some that consist of powder or cream. One of my work colleagues recently purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, and I have pinpointed out which one I would like to add to my make up collection…(P.S. my birthday is soon so perhaps I can sway the boyfriend to buy me one..and a few other bits too!)

I like experimenting so please feel free to share any of your contouring tips with me and advice on any other contour kits that have good reviews or that you have used yourself.

Az x