This Is My Working From Home Outfit


Well hello lovelies!! How is everyone?  It has been a while since I have written on here, a few things were going on in my personal life and I just needed a break to figure some things out.

A lot has happened, and now we are in lockdown! How has everybody been keeping? I hope all your families are keeping well.

Since lockdown I have been focusing on myself and on my writing again. My fulltime job is allowing us to work from home at the moment which has really given me some breathing space.

I have written an article for Black Hair beauty on tips on taking care of our hands during lockdown. Be sure to check it out here!

IMG_7371.jpg     C5F059BC-DE2C-4C8A-9D63-292F848FEC8E.JPG

It has been great to be able to write again and we all need something to occupy our minds during this time. Mental health is paramount and selfcare is the best care we should be taking right now.

What hobbies or skills have you gained since lockdown? And what has the time taught you to cherish most?

Az xxx


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