My Travel Diaries -Dominican Republic

IMG_0599.JPGGood Morning lovelies! The weather we have had this week has been great and the heat always bring back memories of my latest holiday in the DR. I honestly don’t think I will recover from these holiday blues!

I’ve been to a few countries already and perhaps should have started my ‘Travel Diaries’ a while ago but I enjoyed myself so much on this trip I  just had to share some parts with you all.

If you haven’t been to the DR yet and are thinking of travelling there, then hopefully this review will encourage you to book your ticket!

We booked our first All-Inclusive holiday here. Normally my boyfriend and I always booked bed and breakfast but I think that All-Inclusive is the way forward…Almost everything was available anytime & anywhere and it was nice not having to worry about where your next meal or drink was going to be.

Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana

Recommended by a friend, we stayed at a Resort called ‘Secrets Resorts, Punta Cana’ and we had the best time! Upon arrival you are greeted with warm flannels and a drink before you check-in. Everyone is polite, welcoming and always seemed to be in a good mood. It must be the Sun; I have always believed that the weather plays a major part in people’s mood. If we even had half of the Sunshine that they over in the DR in England, I think we would all be alot less miserable.

As soon as we arrived we were knackered, the journey is about an eight hour flight, and if you’re not a fan of flying like me it can be daunting. I had to really make myself at ease; I purchased a travel pillow so that I could get comfortable, I packed my snacks and picked my favourite song to play to distract me from take off and landing. The time difference is about five hours behind so your body does take a few days to get used to this.

A view from the Sky ✈️

Island Views


Ok guys, so the scenery is to die for. The tropical ambience, the palm trees, the hot yellow white sand and the clear blue beaches is just Heaven. I felt so relaxed and in awe of how beautiful and wonderful God created this World we live in, and I am truly blessed and grateful to be able to explore pieces of it. I couldn’t upload every picture from my camera roll but below are a few of my faves.

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Food & Beverages

There are many restaurants on the Resort which you can view here but we mostly ate at the La Riveria because it was buffet styled menu and they had a variety of Cuisines there from other countries. Our favourite was the Dominican Corner as it was similar to West Indian food which I love. Food for the Soul! 😍😍


La Riviera Buffet Secrets Resorts Punta Cana

With regards to the drinks, it was tricky as there were segments on the news that were talking about tourists that were being poisoned by the alcohol. A few of my friends were warning us to be careful which did make my boyfriend and I a bit nervous.  We had a bottle that we had brought from Duty Free so we drank that and whenever we went to the Restaurants, we just ordered the same drink all the time so that we got used to the taste.

If it wasn’t for the news, we would have definitely gone all out! Maybe next time…



The Dominicans love to partay and dance. I even took part in a poolside belly dance competition and danced on a boat. Within the resort they have an entertainment team where every day & night there is some sort of event. From belly dancing, to a silent disco, a beach party, a tribute to musical artists and more. The foam party in the pool was probably my favourite event. My boyfriend and I were dancing together, I was feeling sweet in my bikini and overall everyone was just enjoying. If I could upload the pictures from my waterproof camera they would be here! The entertainment team really know how to get the crowd involved. If you’re looking to celebrate a Hen Do, Stag or even an Anniversay, Punta Cana Resort is one of the places to be.




There is a lot to do on the Island; Water Activities, Boat rides and Coach trips to visit other cities. This can get expensive though. We took about £350.00 with us and split this between Pesos and American Dollar. We were able to do 2 main activities so if you want to do more than that, you will need a lot more cash.

We decided to take a Coach and then a boat trip to Saona Island where they apparently filmed Pirates of the Caribbean. Once again the scenery was truly breathtaking; blue sea, yellow sands and the gorgeous Palm trees.

I had to save the best ’till last guys. We Parasailed in the Sky and it was one of the most scariest and romantic things I have ever done. It took courage but the view from above was amazing. I was hanging on for dear life most of the 15 minutes I was in the air but I did let loose a little bit. The photographer took some great shots too!

IMG_4975IMG_4971 2

In my opinion, the Caribbean is always a great destination to travel to. I will always remember this holiday as it is the first long distance trip my boyfriend and I experienced together and we had the best time. I have so many pictures and memories that I will never forget and I guarantee that if you have a booking pending, you won’t regret it.

Who else has travelled or will be travelling to the Dominican Republic?


Az xxx







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