A Quick Catch Up

Happy Sunday lovelies, I hope everyone is alright!

I know it has been a while since I have written a post and trust me, I have missed writing so I thought it would be good for me to catch up with you all.

As per my previous posts, I am starting my Entrepenurial journey and I am currently in the process of designing bespoke beauty and cosmetics gifts sets for Brides and Grooms as well as for any occassion. I have a Wedding show in November so I am planning my marketing material as we speak and obtaining quotes so that I know what my budget is. I’ve also started reading the ‘Girl Code’ book for motivational inspiration and to gain an insight into how to become a female entrepreneur. Have any of you read this?

As much as this is exciting, it is daunting and everything is new for me so I am learning on the job! As well as focusing on this, my boyfriend and I had to move house again and if you’ve moved before you will know how stressful this is!

To cut a long story short, not long after we moved we then had to pack for our Holiday to Dominican Republic which was absolutely ah-mazing!! After all the stresses of moving, the holiday was just what we needed. I can’t lie though, because of the news stories we were hearing about the American tourists being killed by bootleg alcohol over there, it did put a tiny dampner on our holiday and we mostly stuck to only one drink once we finished our own bottle.

Nevertheless, it was a great holiday and along with Greece, my boyfriend and I have agreed that it is one of our top holidays.👌🏾

I’ll be writing a little travel blog post on this holiday in a few weeks with pictures of our resort and my honest review of it all. Hopefully this will be helpful to any of you readers who are thinking of travelling to the Dominican Republic on your next vacation.🙌🏾

What have you all been up to these last couple of months?


Az xxx




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