My Skincare Saviours




Happy Saturday lovelies! I’ve been fighting these flu-like symptoms for the past week now and I’m so glad the weekend is here. I don’t like venturing out in this weather at all and as for that Snow that fell down the other day that just needs to not come back again. Driving home from work in that Snow was a nightmare for me. 🙈

Not only is Snow a nightmare for drivers on the road but it can also be a nightmare for our Skin so it is essential that you look after your skin and religiously keep ontop of your skincare regime.

See below my top three Skincare saviours from the Aloe Vera range by FM Cosmetics


Left- Right: Peel Off Facial Mask, Facial Cleansing Foam, Rich Revitalising Facial Mask

Peel Off Facial Mask:

Gently exfoliates dead skin, perfectly cleanses and tightens pores. It prevents the skin from shining and provides softness, elasticity and the feeling of pleasant refreshment.
Contains soothing jasmine extract and Enantia chlorantha tree bark extract that regulates sebum secretion.  Can be used on normal, combination and oily skin. This product is also great to use in the Summer because it has fresh scent and light texture cooling the skin in high temperatures.

Facial Cleansing Foam

Gentle but effective and rich in moisturising ingredients – ideal for everyday care! Removes makeup and dirt effectively leaving your skin feeling refreshed, soothed and perfectly moisturised. Also hypoallergenic.

Rich Revitalising Facial Mask -Cleanses and detoxifies your skin and intensively nourishes and remineralises it. It contains, among others, green tea and boswellia extracts, which refresh and tone your skin, and aloe vera and liquorice root extracts, which soothe irritation and stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis.

*Designed for all skin types
* Thanks to a biomimetic peptide imitating the effects of a protein derived from sea anemone, it is a true relief for sensitive skin, minimising its hypersensitivity
*Ensures the healthy and radiant appearance of your skin

There’s actually a lot more products to this collection that I don’t have yet which I want to get. You can view more on my beauty shop.

Which Aloe Vera products do you like to use?


Az xx







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