Foundation Sampling For Women of Colour with FM Cosmestics!

Hey lovelies, so how cool is this?

As you know, I’m a Business Partner for Federico Mahora who specialise in Fragrances, Cosmetics, Health and Wellbeing and Household products. This is the side job I do alongside my 9-5 job. You can check out personal webshop here if you want to find out more and have a browse on my site.

Shade 1:Honey Brown, Shade 2: Chestnut, Shade 3: Caramel, Shade 4: Brown Chocolate

They are looking to launch a range of Foundations for Women of Colour and they have asked me to sample them before they go live!

I’m so excited to share this with you all and it’s encouraging that the Owners of the business recognise what I’m doing and value my opinion- It’s a great time to be a part of this business and if any of you are into beauty cosmetics and want to make an extra income, this just might be the opportunity for you.

They still have a long way to go to cater for a variety of Women of colour but I definitely think that this is a great start to making their make up range more diverse…we’re in the year 2019 and all make up brands need to be doing this.


Shade 4 is closest to my complexion but because I am not all one tone I can also mix both shades 3 & 4 .


I have to provide feedback on these and to be honest, I am impressed! I’m a huge fan of liquid foundations anyway so that was my first box ticked. I also think the foundations have natural coverage and are easy to apply and blend.

I do think that there needs to be darker shade after number 4 so I will recommend this to them. The more shades there are, the more we can experiment and mix the shades together to create an even bigger range! This is the only way we can educate businesses and the World the beauty of our melanin and the many different shades we acquire.

Once the samples have been tried and tested and they release the actual bottles, I will share this with you. I will be popping into the head office this morning so keep an eye out on my Instagram stories and follow me for updates.


With Love, Az x



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