2019…Let’s Go!!!


Happy New Year my lovelies!! I hope you all had a good one!

The festivities are now over and it’s back to business. Guys, this year I have some ‘calculated’ risks that I intend to take to fulfill my dream and ambition of becoming an entrepeneur and eventually self employed in the near future.

This year, is the year I turn the big 3-0 and I think I deserve to be happy and to live my life the way I see fit…We all do! I am getting quite fed up with the Cat and Mouse chase of living hand to mouth. I’ve already made up my mind that this cycle cannot go on for many years.

Each year should be a year of change and last year my life did see some positive changes; My boyfriend and I moved into our first property and spent our first of many Christmases together. When I think about it, my living situation had to change first before I could make any changes to my work/business life. If you’re unsettled in your habitat it is very difficult to become inspired.

Now that I am settled, my mind, vision and focus has become a lot clearer and I’m ready to embark on this personal journey.

file1-5I have invested in a new diary and a ringbinder/planner that enables me to jot down all my ideas in one place. The diary helps me stay on track and to set myself timely targets.

I looked back at some of my targets for last year that I had blogged about and I did fulfil a few of them. That sense of achievement is a wonderful feeling!

Below are some of the goals I intend to work on this year. Although all goals are personal, I thought it would be easier for me to split them;

Personal Growth:

  • To be more sociable with friends and family
  • To work on my health and fitness
  • To work on creating a happier lifestyle for myself & future family
  • To be closer to God and grow in faith
  • To find a way of creating more time to pursue my goals


  • To be more sociable on my social media pages and interact with bloggers and influencers
  • To work on my photography and flatlays
  • To be more consistent on my social media pages
  • To attend events, seminars
  • To find a way of creating more time to pursue my goals
  • To read motivational books and be inspired

Literally, ‘Time is of the Essence’ and when a majority of your time is spent working 9-5 it can be a serious challenge working on your side hustle, but you can’t give up! Sometimes I can’t sleep because I’m so excited about my plans, but then I tell myself that I need to, because I need to get up and work to pay my bills! Not to mention, monies are also needed to invest in these goals…it’s a catch twenty-two really.

I know I’m the not only one holding down a full-time job and a side hustle which makes it even more encouraging and motivating as I can relate.

What system do you have in place when it comes to making time for your side hustle after a full day at work? How do you balance the two effectively?

Please share your thoughts below. I would love to learn more.


With Love, Az xx 💕








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  1. Wunms says:

    Happy New Year hun!

    & Shout out to all the boss ladies holding down a 9-5 and thriving side hustle at the same time lool. It’s very difficult to find a balance and 2018 was the hardest year yet in terms of consistency for me. But I try to take advantage of moments when I’m feeling super productive/motivated/inspired to write lots of blog posts in advance and take lots of photos. I also try to make better use of my commutes to and from work (because they’re quite long), it’s amazing what you can get done during an hour train ride.

    Wunms xx

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    1. Happy new year to you too hun! I definitely need to take a leaf out of your book and write posts in advance to keep the momentum. Great idea about the commute, I drive so since the weather is quite cold, I don’t really go outside for lunch so I try and write down my ideas then. Anything to try and get through the day!! Xx

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