Carron Cosmetics – Make Up For Women Of Colour

Good morning lovelies! I hope everyone has had a good week and looking forward to the weekend! 💃🏾

If you’ve been following my Instagram page, you will see that I am on the hunt for make up and cosmetics for darker skin tones to suit my complexion.

I know that there are a few brands that are slowly introducing my shade into their lines but it is still very scarce, and the struggle is real to find my shade, especially when it comes to Foundations.

In this day and age, this shouldn’t be the case – I should be able to walk into any beauty/cosmetic store and be able to obtain my shade. I’ve had to do online research for companies that cater to my skin tone, and I most probably will need to order my foundation and other beauty cosmetics online.

Some months ago, I did write about this particular brand, Carron Cosmetics, as I came across them at Africa Fashion Week and tried out their blusher as I could not, for the life of me, find a blusher that had enough pigment to show on my cheeks.

To date, this is by far the best blusher I have used and I swear by it guys! It makes my cheek rosy and just adds that extra pop of colour to set off my face.

My Mum contacted Carron Cosmetics and they sent her some samples, so I tested some of them out to get a general feel for the brand.

Carron Cosmetics Make Up

Foundation Cream & Pressed Powder


The Foundation cream and the powder wasn’t the right shade for me (they were just random samples) but I did think that the foundation had good coverage. I am however, not a fan of Foundation Cream or Powder as I don’t think they sit well on my skin and I do find them a bit Matte looking. I prefer and tend to use liquid Foundations as I find that they make my skin glow.

Loose Shimmer Powder – Deep Bronze


This is great if your looking for that all over body subtle glow. This product is definitely right up my street. If you’re looking for that extra sparkle this coming festive season to make that Melanin of yours ‘Pop’ then you need this Sis!

Eyeshadow – Light Brown & Blush-Deep Cherry 




I quite liked the eyeshadow. Had great coverage, was easy to blend and the colour was 100% me. I prefer natural looking makeup for everyday and work so this is fitted quite nicely into my daily make up routine.

What Can I say about this blush!? I think I have ranted and raved on about this enough so you will need to try this for yourself and let me know what YOU think.

Duo Eyebrow Powder Kit -Black Brown/Charcoal & Lipliner Compact – Pink Nude



First of all, aren’t these little compact sets cute? The perfect size to add into your make up bag if you need to makre any tweaks on-the-go.

I think this is the first Eyebrow powder kit that I have used as I tend to prefer the dip ones as they just seem to last longer. I didn’t use the powder kit to do my full eyebrows, but I did use it to outline them and then fill with the dip as that’s the technique that I prefer.

The lipliner wasn’t my shade but again, had good coverage, was easy to blend which is a plus if you like to combine your lipsticks. It also had a nice subtle shine to it, making my lips moist.

Matte Lipstick – Deep Grape


What a gorgeous lip colour this is! I initially thought that it would be quite dark on me but it wasn’t. Glides on nicely, blendable, lasts quite long and compliments my skin tone. If you’re someone that likes a little bit of shine on your lips, you can also add a touch of gloss on top.

As I said, these were just random samples but from using them, I am intending to treat myself (probably nearer Christmas) to some of their cosmetics as I think it’s one of the brands that the Woman Of Colour needs. They use only Natural products, it’s cruelty free and contains no fragrances and no parabens.

Check out my glow from the other day! 😍


Eyes: Carron Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Light Brown
Cheeks- Carron Cosmetics Blush in Deep Cherry
Lips: Carron Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Deep Grape

What other make up brands for Women of Colour would you recommend?

Az xx







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  1. Aleeya Azimulla says:

    That lipstick and eyeshadow are absolutely gorgeous

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  2. quinncove says:

    Love this! ❤️

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