Get Your Knits Out!


Hello guys, so I know I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been writing some other blog posts but I’m back!

It’s getting quite cold now and all my summer vacations are behind me and it’s time to pull out the chunky knits and accessories. I’ve always wanted a fashionable jumper dress and found this gem at Select Fashion I just love their style and sense of fashion! It’s trendy and affordable. It’s all about looking good for less and Select Fashion nails it!

Distressed Jumper dress from Select Fashion. Boots: Boohoo


Overtime I have become a fan of grey hues and there’s no better time to start wearing them other than in the Autumn and Winter months. You don’t always have to pair them with dark colours, you can always add mustard or maroon coloured accessories to brighten up your chic Winter look.


I’ve styled this jumper dress with knee high boots for a casual but sexy ensemble. On a really blustery day I’d wrap up with a chunky knit scarf and a cute bobble hat. You can be plain and keep it black and grey or add some colour.

I need some help sprucing up my Winter wardrobe. What kind of knitwear styles do you like?

Az xxxx



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