Happy Thursday loves! I feel like I haven’t posted a blog post for a while now. Apologies! I’ve been keeping myself busy getting involved in a few projects which I am enjoying.

I’m throwing this post back to a couple of weeks ago when I attended Africa Fashion Week for the first time. I had a great time- It was empowering to see African businesses, entrepreneurs and designers coming together under one roof and supporting one another.

I was also able to network with other like minded individuals and I’m hoping that you will all get to see some more collaborations.

I was able to take a few snaps. Have a look below and I’ll tell you what I thought was my favourite collection;






Tubo was my favourite collection -I loved the fact that all the outfits were either shiny or sheer. It had an elegant sex appeal to them which I thought flattered the figure very well.IMG_4352.JPG


However, I do like colours and patterns,  so Tobhams Colours was my runner up. I suppose the two collections are different in styles which basically resembles my personality in a nutshell.  I could definitely, 100 percent see me myself wearing at least one outfit from both of those collections and rocking them!

Which collections could you see yourself in?

If you attend the show, how did you find it?

I’m looking to go again next year, are any of you going?

Az xxx


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