Ms Hair

Top Left- Hair Foundation Fibres & Applicator, Top Right- Fixing Spray, Bottom Left- Edge Perfector, Bottom Right- Styling Leaflet

Happy Sunday loves. I hope you’re all well. I actually had this post semi-done before I flew out here to Greece, but I’ve been doing so much excursions and site seeing and sunbathing I haven’t had the chance to post.

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Afro hair and beauty show and I met with the lovely team at Ms Hair.

I approached their booth and they were selling a product that covers up thinning areas in and around your hair.

As you know, African Caribbean hair has many different hairstyles. We can plait, perm, colour, and do all sorts to our hair. Although having versatile hair is a positive aspect, the negative is that we damage it in the process.

Ms Hair specialises in covering the thinning hair, not growing it.

I normally have my hair in weave but for the holiday I got it plaited. In doing so I could see that my sides were alright but still could have been fuller- I think the wig cap would rub against the sides of my hair thinning it a little so plaiting gave it a break-it also enabled me to test out the Ms Hair product effectively to see how it really works.

What’s In The Ms Hair Kit?

Hair Foundation Fibres– Made from Keratin & natural plant extracts with each fibre statically charged to your bond to your natural hair making it look thicker.
Applicator Pump- Used to apply the Hair foundation fibres. (Does take getting used to!)
Edge Perfector- Designed as a guide to ensure that the fibres are applied evenly along your natural hairline. It also stops the fibres from falling onto your clothes & forehead.

I tried to record myself applying the product. I don’t think I did too bad considering it was my second or third attempt. I was able to apply it along the edges of my hairline. I then left it for a while and then sealed with the fixing spray. I then applied styling gel & combed into a pattern.
It does take getting used to but it is a great and simple tool to add to your hair products as part of a styling regime. Click here to check out their page for more information.

Keep an eye on my Instagram for a short video of me using Ms Hair!
Az xx


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