Atelier Paris – Foundation for Darker Skin Tones

Hey loves, so if you’ve been following my Instagram feed, you would have seen that I attended the Afro Hair & Beauty show over the bank holiday weekend and I-absolutely-loved-it!

I met so many like minded individuals within the African and Caribbean community, showing their talents and sharing their ideas. Was a great networking event.

Obviously, I couldn’t come back home empty handed could I? 😋

One of my purchases was this waterproof liquid foundation by Atelier Paris. They offer a wide range of foundations to match darker skin tones and have a variety of shades. With us Africans and Caribbeans, we are not just one shade, hence why it is a lot harder to find the perfect match. I think these can only be purchased from Kushty Cosmetics. Click here to find out more about them.

Shade No. 5 Make up by Atelier Paris


From what I was told, there are nine shades- 9 being the darkest. I was both numbers 5 & 6. In th end the nake up artist advised me to pick shade no. 5 as my neck and chest are slightly fairer than my face so the shade would blend in not just with my face but with the rest of my body aswell.


The good thing about the shade numbers is that there is only a subtle difference- and when I apply the foundation on, it slightly gets darker as it dries as seen below. The coverage is also good so no need to use  a lot. It’s also light on the skin so you don’t even feel like you have foundation on making you look natural as ever!


As I’m travelling soon, shade no. 6 would be better for me to use when I tan and get darker -Ideally, I will need to visit Kush Cosmetics and purchase the other shade to switch it up when my melanin decides to change!

Where do the rest of you get your foundations from that cater for darker skin tones? Which other brands would you recommend?

Az x



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