Sun Awareness Week- Protect Yo’ Skin

Sun lotion 1.jpg
Left-Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Refreshing Hydrating Spray, Right: Garnier Ambre Solaire Protection Lotion Medium SPF 15 for Dark Skin

Good Morning loves! It’s been a while! Hope everyone is well😊

So I have maybe just over four weeks left or so until my holiday to Greece with the boyfriend and I am super excited! Time is flying and I’m making sure I don’t leave things to last minute this time.

The topic on this blog post actually ties in well as it’s ‘Sun Awareness Week’ this week and I wanted to talk about Sun burn and protecting your skin if your African-Caribbean.

People do think that the darker the skin, either you don’t get Sunburn or you are less prone to it. I agree that we are less prone but we do still get Sunburn. When I travelled to Malta last year I used Sun lotion but still got burnt a little on my shoulders. I also tanned very quickly so became even darker. It was amazing how my skin suddenly changed, although I was all one tone, shiny and smooth, as soon as I came back to the UK, my skin changed and then my shoulders peeled a little.

The funny thing was, my boyfriend is fairer than me and he didn’t burn at all! So that was confusing.

We need to not take our skin for granted, yes the melanin in darker skin tones helps us withstand the Sun and if I’m honest with you, my skin loves the Sun, but I still do need to be careful as to how much exposure I give it.

Maybe for Africans and Caribbeans that live back home in their Countries, it doesn’t affect them as their bodies are used to the hot climate and temperatures, but if you’re like me, born and bred in Britain, where your skin is not used to those soaring temperatures, it does and can affect your skin.

This year I’m going to be using the Ganier Ambre Solaire lotion and After Sun lotion. I will use the protection lotion in the day and the After Sun refresing spray in the evening. I thought that it’ll be most effective to cream and let the lotion absorb into my skin in the day when the Sun will most probably be at it’s hottest and then the spray will soothe my skin in the evening- it’s worth a try and I would never travel abroad without taking Sun lotion…I love my skin too much to harm it.

After my holiday, I’ll do a review and let you know how it goes.

What Sun lotions and after Sun Skincare do you use on your skin? And what would you recommend?

Az xxx


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