My Vay-Cay Colour Palette

‘Sloane Orange’ Fiorelli Tote Bag & Maching Purse

Happy Humpday! It’s a short week again which is nice, and I’m feeling good. I started my new job yesterday which seems to be alright and I think… that I might… actually… like it!

I also haven’t mentioned that the boyfriend and I will be travelling to Greece for our Summer Baecation! ❤️

I just feel that I am in a happy place at the moment, and have a lot to look forward to. I am learning not to overthink things, not put too much pressure on myself and to just enjoy life and the company of others, as Life REALLY is too short.

We went to Malta last year and I left my holiday shopping too late and I just bought any thing…no list of essentials. I think I also spent more than I needed to as it was our very first trip together as a couple. And ladies, you know how we are with wanting everything to be perfect.

So this time, I have bought and will add a few more additions to my holiday wardrobe but not much. As long as I have a Bikini, Sarong, Flip Flops and accessories…that’s pretty much it, seeing as we’ll both probably be lounging on the beach all day😆

I have always liked oversized bags and wanted a nice durable one to take with me. I am also loving this tan/terracotta colour for Summer…this is my holiday colour!!

FM Make Up (Federico Mahora) Mix & Match Palettes & Inserts. Top: FM Golden Tan Powder, Brush: FM Blush Brush, Bottom Top: FM Copper Goddess Eyeshadow, Bottom: FM Cold Sugar Eyeshadow, Bottom Right: FM The One Highlighter

It simply reminds me of being abroad, on a dusty sandy road or town, walking through the market with an array of  food smells, chants and craftsmen.

I even matched my make up, and purchased the NEW FM (Federico Mahora) Make up inserts. These are great! You can create your own mix and match palette to suit you. You can select from a wide range of powders, eyeshadows, highlighter and blushes…they smell nice too. Click here to view my Webshop and purchase online!

I will be doing a close up with these beauties and a review will be coming soon so stay tuned my loves!

Az xx


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