Azania Designs Custom Boots

Hi everyone. I was meant to post this before my flight to Amsterdam about a week ago but I had those niggling last minutes things to do and it’s been a bit of mad one since I’ve been back. Hopefully you would have seen an Instagram post on these on the day I was flying out. If not, please do check it out.

I am not sure if you remember me mentioning on one of my Instagram posts that I was working on a custom design…well here they are.


Azania Designs was initially supposed to based on my custom creations, but I have now expanded it to include my beauty, fashion and business interests which is great as I can amalgamate them all.

Back in the University days, I used to customise garments for clients. They would come to me with their design/idea or just give me a few details on what they would like and I would come up with the design plan.

It was thoroughly enjoyable to see the end result and witness the client’s firdt impressions. I do miss this, hence why you will now slowly be seeing custom designs back on my Instagram and blog & I am so excited!

When I get my mojo back, I will be tacking orders so if you’re interested in the future, just contact me and that can be arranged.


To be kept up to date follow my feed on my Instagram page. Link is at the bottom of my blog page.

Az xxx


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        You are welcome


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