My Travelling Essentials

Just a few make up essentials – FM Make up & Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury, Garnier
Good morning loves! I travel tomorrow with the boyfriend and I am excited! I was going to number my make up faves but most have appeared on other posts so feel free to have a read through them,show ’em some love and follow 😉

Pictured above are some of my travelling essentials but there’s more I’m taking. I will talk you through some of the main products pictured that I just can’t live without.

As you know, I swear by my FM 3 Step Masacara from FM cosmetics so this is a must have! If I’m honest, I don’t need to wear falsies but when I combine the two, I love the dramatic effect it creates for my eyes.

FM Make up Mocha Brown Foundation– FM Cosmetics no longer do this shade any more but I am waiting for a new launch of cosmetics for women of colour. I do love this shade though, the texture and it’s coverage. I can’t wait to see what else they come out with.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Clay Mask– What I can I say. This mask makes my skin feel smooth and smells nice too. A full review is on my blog post CT Goddess Clay Mask Review & Aveeno Lotion

Garnier Miscellar Water– I’ve yet to try this but I have seen and heard good reviews, so it’s coming along with me!

FM Make up Baked Powder, Multi-Colour Highlighter- FM Cosmetics Make up is the way forward. It’s definitely a brand I would recommend you try. I love natural and golden hues. Again, a full review is on my blog post Golden Goddess- FM Make Up


FM Triumph of Orchids Amaranth Satin Body & Hair Oil- This Oil has a fresh flowery fragrance and absorbs well into the skin. I think it’s great to wear for a romantic evening outside or inside.

FM Women’s Pure Perfume 417-  I think this fragrance is perfect for Spring! It has a sweet mesmerising Vanilla note, and I would associate it with being fun and flirty. Full fragrance notes can be found on the webshop.

All the FM make up products are available to purchase here from my Webshop!

Charlotte Tilbury Matte RevolutionHot Lips Hel’s Bells– Blackcurrant, Marron and Burgundy lippies are my thing. They go well with my complexion and are not too bold a statement enabling me to wear it for dressing up or just a smart and casual affair. Check out my post for some Charlotte Tilbury lovin’ My December Favourites

I will catch up with all the adventures from my Amsterdam trip, and hopefully should have some fun content to post for my travel diary…(It’s growing slowly)

Happy Humpday Loves!

Az xxx


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  1. Great post! I really love that Micellar water. 😀

    ( i follow back).

    &&& i have a giveaway going on, it would be nice if you could check it out & maybe even enter xox

    ( )

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    1. Thanks Karolina! I’ll definitely check it out. Xx

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      1. Love your blog! I’m also following you on Instagram @azaniadesigns xx

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      2. Aw thank you so much! I have followed you back on both also xox

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  2. beautifulbedlamblog says:

    I love a travel makeup bag post! You’re so good at keeping it light, I’ll have to try and be more like you next time I travel haha x

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    1. Thank you Hun. Trust me, there was a little more lool xxx


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