Golden Goddess- FM Make Up

Left-Right (all the way round):Frederico Mahora (FM MAKE UP) Silicone Base, Beauty Cream Primer, Mineral Powder Honey Brown, Mineral Eyeshadow Chocolate Mousse, Multicolour Highlighter Golden Jewel, Baked Powder Golden Brown, Middle: Liquid Eyeliner Black, 3 Step Mascara Black, Plump Lip Effect Lip Gloss Chilly Brown. (FM Foundation discontinued)

Hello loves, so with Summer around the corner, it’s about getting that golden glow. I already have a permanent tan😆  so adding an extra glow is perfect!

To be honest, most of the products pictured above are what I use for my regular make up routine, minus the silicone base, baked powder and highlighter…they come out when I want to slay! Melanin poppin’ and all that!!

So as you know, I’m an FM distributor and the goal that I have given myself is to be able to work from home selling and building my team using these awesome products within the next two years. If you notice, some of the products pictured have been used…in fact, they’re all used, hence why you all need to be using them!

My webshop has been launched, and you can purchase all these products here

FM Make Up: Silicone Base and Beauty Cream Primer

Okay, so for everyday make up I don’t use primer, just moisturiser. In the Winter it’s Vaseline or Coca Butter, and lotion in the Summer. For occassions though, the Silicone base is great. It so smooth and so makes applying make easier giving you a smooth and natural finish. The coverage is also good too so there’s no need to apply to much.

I don’t really use the Beauty Cream primer often as it’s more for dull, tired skin which lacks a glow however, when you’re up working late nights and up again early the next morning, this is great for smoothing and enlivening the complexion, reducing the signs of tiredness.


FM Make Up: Baked Powder Golden Brown, Plump Lip Effect Lip Gloss Chilly Brown.

I know Summer isn’t here yet but my skin craves the sun and this baked powder adds the perfect touch. You could even use it as a highlighter or use it all over, neck and shoulders to create a sun-kissed glow.

Now guys…I already have full lips so I don’t need the plump lip effect😋 but the colour is gorgeous and different to what I would normally purchase. When applied it tingles, which creates the ‘plumpness’ and makes your lips look fuller. If you’re after a sultry look and full looking lips, this is your best bet! 👄


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