Spring Cleansing

Alive! Women’s Energy Soft Jell Multi-Vitamin from Holland & Barrett

Well hello March, I’ve been waiting for you! Not only is it my birthday month but it’s the first day of Spring, which means that Summer is not too far away.

It’s actually quite scary how quick the year is going, it feels like I wrote my first post of 2017 only yesterday. To be honest, a few things are scaring me…getting older I’m thinking more about my health, wellbeing, my loved ones and just the reality that we are not immortal and that every day is a blessing, and we need to respect our bodies, ourselves and others.

So as my body is getting older, I need to sit back and think about what it is I would like to acheive and what I would like to take care of. No matter how much beauty products and skin cleansers we own, inner beauty starts from within and in my opinion, it starts with what we eat.

As women our bodies are complicated; imbalanced hormones, iron deficiency, lack of other vitamins etc. I find it hard to keep a balanced diet alongside my working day/life which is probably the same for most of us, and my body does lack a few vitamins.

This year, I already stated that I am on a healthier journey; fitness and eating well. I’ve decided to start off with the Alive! Women’s Energy Soft Jell Multi Vitamin tablets. I heard it’s been highly commended by The Health Awards 2017 so it must be good surely.

They can be purchased from selected Holland and Barrett stores and online aswell.

These supplements will just be a ‘top up’ of vitamins in my body but I will getting most of my vitamins through the foods I eat.

I will start taking these Alive! supplements from today so in a months time I will do a review and let you know.

Do any of you take any supplements?

If so, which one’s? And how do you feel after taking them over a period of time?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Az xx


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