*Valentine’s GIVEAWAY!!* for my FM Webshop Launch

Blog or Webshop Valentines Giveaway.jpg
FM Gift Bag, Hot Red Nail Lacquer, Hot Red Extra Rich Lipstick, 3 Step Mascara(Black), FM Make up Lip Brush, FM Womens Fragrance Samples 18 & 423, FM Mens Fragrance Samples 110 & 465

Good morning my lovelies! Guess what time it is today? Giveaway day to celebrate the launching of my FM (Frederico Mahora) products!!

What a great way to start of the Valentine’s weekend❤️

I’ve been so excited for this and I have been working very hard to make this happen. (I thin I did mention before that I was planning on doing this) It is my first giveaway so bear with me, but I am hoping to do a few more in the future.

So as I have explained briefly before, I am an FM business partner, and it’s an area of my personal business that I am trying to focus more on and incorporate it with my lifestyle, beauty and fashion blog, instagram etc and I think it’s not going too bad.

For more information on the business aspect of things, you can check out my Webshop link here. You can also purchase the products here and find out all you need to know .

FM Valentines Giveaway.jpg
FM Valentine’s Giveaway Products to celebrate my Webshop Launch

Back to the giveaway though, I’ve included all things red, and samples of the popular men and womens fragrances trending in the business at the moment and obviously I just had to include my favourite Mascara (I’m always raving on about it).

Follow my instagram page for instructions on how to enter and you could be a winner.

Good Luck, & Happy Valentines Day!❤️😘

Az xxx


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