Natural Hurrr (Hair) Care

Creme of Nature Ultra Moisturising Shampoo, Organics Hair Mayonnaise

Good morning, how’s everybody doing? I know I keep saying but this weather…just isn’t the one!

So, I’ve done a skincare post for battling this Winter weather but what about hair care?

I’ve taken my hair out of weave for a while and have permed it to make it ‘manageable’ as it were and easier to style.

One day, I would love to let the perm grow out and be able to style my own naturally without any chemicals added. I just find it difficult because I have a lot of hair and although it’s soft it’s thick…it’s like a Lion’s mane!

If anything, perming your hair can do damage, especially if not treated properly so every two weeks I wash and steam my hair. Again, the weather dries out my hair and makes it brittle so it’s crucial I treat my hair regularly.


When it comes to washing my hair, I’ve been using Creme of Nature ultra moisturising shampoo (I don’t have a specific shampoo, just anything that’s recommended for Afro-Caribbean hair types and that smells nice!)- Like this one. The Kiwi and Citrus freshens my hair and gives it a nice scent.

Two washes is about enough but it does depend on the amount of grease or gel I’ve used.


Once washed, I then add Hair Mayonnaise by Organics (Again, I don’t have a preferred brand) I then cover my hair with a plastic shower cap and put under the steam cap for about 15-20 minutes. If you don’t have a steam cap, don’t worry as you can wrap a warm towel around your  head.

Once that’s done, I rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Blow drying is also an option but I try not to expose my hair to too much heat.

Ladies with Afro-Caribbean hair…what’s your hair care routine for this weather? There are thousands of our hair care brands, which ones do you use or suggest?

I would love to know!

Az xXx



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