My Twenty Seventeen – 2017

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Happy New Year guys!! I hope you all had a good one.  Mine was very nice and with the plans I have in store for this year, it should be great!

I don’t usually do resolutions but one of my friends suggested I do a year plan so this is my intended year plan for 2017.


First and foremost, I need God more in my life. I used to go to church quite often a couple of years ago but since I moved out of my parents house I’ve stopped so I need to jump back on it. In order for me to achieve all my goals for the future years to come I need God and I need to build the relationship back up and regain my faith.


I don’t really do gym as I don’t really have a goal I want to achieve but on a fitness level I think it would be beneficial and so I’m going to be adding that to my 2017 plan. I also want to do it as a partnership with my boyfriend as he goes religiously and I just think it’ll be nice for me to get involved a lot more with his hobbies and to generally motivate each other. I am in a happy place in my relationship and I aim to keep it a healthy one.

I also will be taking more vitamins and eating regular meals….I can be quite picky and I need to start eating fuller meals…starting with breakfast as I do tend to substitute that for a cup of tea and to be honest, that isn’t substantial whatsoever!

So my 28th birthday is in less than two months and for me birthdays are important as it doesn’t only symbolise that I’m getting older but because of that, I always ask myself “What have I achieved so far? ,” “Where and Who do I want to be?” “What do I want to be doing?” “Who do I want to be with?” And “Who would I like around me?”

I can’t lie, I do put myself under some pressure but I have equally learnt to reflect on what I have accomplished and that I should be grateful at what I have been able to achieve.

So…I intend to be making a few changes as my birthday is OFFICIALLY when my new year begins . I am thinking of starting a Vlog which is definitely a step out out of my comfort zone but at least it’ll be a fun one…hopefully!

I will continue with the blog and aim to triple my followers, engagement, content and success. I know this requires a huge amount of work but I’m more than looking forward to it. I will also be incorporating my custom designs and generally more creative artwork of mine.

There will also be other changes that will happen (I’m not sure what they are yet) but I know myself and the above is just a taster.

What’s your new year goals?

I’ve read a few already and it’s nice to see other people’s ambitions and perspective. It’s also great being able to relate.

By the way,  I am loving my diary. It’s from ‘The Range’. Be sure to see it feature throughout the year as it’s a constant reminder to always…

Keep believing in your dreams!

Az xxx


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    Lovely post!

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