A Psalm A Day Keeps Negativity Away

sunday read.jpg
YouVersion Bible App & The Little Pocket Book of Happiness by Lois Blyth

Happy Sunday my loves. Today is my day of relaxation, meditation and just trying to bring in positive vibes into my life.

We always think that whatever we’re going through is so bad but there are others that are going through way more trials and tribulations in their lives, so we need to take a step back and reflect on what we can do better, improve and not stress ourselves out.

I’m not overly religious but I do attend church and like to read my bible (which I really need to find time and read more of) I would recommend downloading the YouVersion Bible App if you want to read on the go. It’s very interactive and you can highlight verses and make you own notes.

You can also create your own plans reading stories and verses that are relevant to your life. Definitely worth checking it out on the App store and….it’s FREE!

I’m also going to read a couple of pages each day from ‘The Little Pocket Book of Happiness’ and try to love life more, laugh more and strive to live longer!

Stay positive my loves xx

Az xx


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