FM National Conference 2016 Awards

                                        What’s inside my Goody Bag!                                                  Left to Right:FM World Laptop Bag, Sales Aids (Leaflets and marketing material) Men’s Fragranced Showergel FM110, FM Satin Body & Hair Oil,  FM Make Up Volume Designer Mascara, Catwalk Orange Nail Lacquer

Hey loves! It’s been a busy week and I have yet another one to come. I was up early yesterday to attend the FM (Frederico Mahora) National Conference at the RAF Museum and let me tell you peeps…it was live! 👏

It was great to be around influential people that were motivated and passionate about their business. They also shared real life stories of their personal struggles and hurdles that has now led them to their success.

I won a certificate on stage for reaching 12% in my team! and was given a laptop goody bag filled with some cosmetics and sales aids.


FM World UK Laptop Bag (What are the odds, I needed a new one as well!)

My Certificate of Achievement for reaching 12% Effectiveness Level 😁  (I intend to reach the next level which is 15%)

Frederico Mahora Homme (Shower gel for Men) fragrance FM110 – Has Provitamin B5 which as soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and a complex of moisturising ingredients leaves the skin smooth and pleasant to touch. (Ladies, I recommend this Fragrance in the shower gel and the perfume for the men in your lives. The smell is just 😍

Frederico Mahora Triumph of Orchids Satin body & Hair oil– This immediately absorbs into the skin leaving it soft and silky smooth. It combines Argan oil with the moisturising and sebum secretion regulating properties of Soybean and sweet almond oils. The formula also contains the orchid extract and vitamin E. (I just spray over my skin when dry and rub in. My skins is left smooth with a fresh feel fragrance. As it contains argan oil, can also be used for African-Carribean type hair)

FM Make Up Volume Designer Mascara- For dream volume and expressive looks; can be applied evenly without the undesirable smearing and flaking. It’s a combination of natural waxes; rice and carnauba which provides eyelashes with softness and flexibility. The brush is specially designed to be extra thick with dense bristles separating them individually creating a super-size effect. (I would use this alongside my FM 3-Step Mascara that I always rant on about. I also get asked if I’m wearing falsies)

FM Make Up Nail Lacquer (Catwalk Orange)- Super glossy formula with a gel finish. Gives the nails a long lasting colour and provides excellent coverage. It’s fast drying and has properties such as wheatgerm, brewers yeast and natural keratin. (I will be getting my nails done in this colour soon. I cannot wait. Be sure to look out for the pics on my instagram).

My mum has a team (which I am a part of) and her business is based in Liberia where she is helping build the community out there and selling these products, with some of the proceeds going towards the Churches and also paying for childrens school fees. I am in her team and have been working with her which is why I have been recognised. She also received her certificate for reaching 21%!! so the better we all do as team and family, the more successful we will become at reaching our goals and making changes to people’s lives.

This is a business that anyone can do and you can tailor it to suit your needs. I really think it’s important that we should all share our business ventures with others and that we all have a part to play in making the World a better place…even if you help one person…if we all took on that attitude, look at how many lives we could change or save?

Should you have any questions on the business model or want to know more about the products etc, feel free to contact me.

If there is one thing I took from the conference yesterday, it’s that we can all have a dream, but the Universe has a dream that is destined for only you! Meaning the ‘Dream has already chosen you’.

Go out there and make it happen!

Az xx







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