Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Female Health


Hi guys, I hope all is well.

I posted these posts on my instagram a couple of days ago and just wanted to talk about our health and lifestyles. I can only vouch for females but I’m sure that men have their health issues too.

It’s breast cancer awareness month and we as ladies (and men too) need to assess our bodies and breasts and just be more aware of the changes that can happen to our bodies. I know as women we have a hard time with self confidence and body issues but we need to come together and support one another on these matters.

We also need confidence in ourselves to not feel ashamed of our bodies and to check everywhere and everything..and to be able to speak up about it.  💪


I’m also slightly anaemic and was told by the doctor to boost up my iron intake (thankfully by only a little bit) as I was really low a couple of years ago. Iron is mot asorbed by vitamin C so I’m starting to drink more fruit juices. However, I also would like to start making my own smoothies with natural fruits hilst eating a bit more red meat and greens.

I’m sure quite a few females go through this and it is most probably recommended for us to take iron supplements or vitamins daily as part of a balanced diet.

Do any of you suffer from anaemia? And how do you cope with the tiredness and fatigue?

What supplements do you take? And what foods do you eat that helps with this?

I would be grateful to know as this is a part of my lifestyle that I am aiming to get right!

Az xx



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