Body Shopping


Hey guys, I hope you’re all good. I’m alright, but just been busy working and trying to catch some of this September sun before it’s all gone!

Seeing as the weather has been so good to me and my skin..(as my skin loves heat) I thought I’d take some time out and treat my body to some TLC.

I popped into the Body Shop and purchased a few moisturisers. You can’t go wrong with the Body Shop and I have never had any problems or reactions with any of their products on my skin.

As my skin was very warm, I asked the sales assistant if there was a cream that moisturised and cooled the skin at the same time. She showed me the Pina Colada Sorbet which feels amazing! It’s so cool when applied onto the skin instantly cooling you down. It also smells like coconut so you feel and smell fresh..I think this moisturiser is perfect for when you’ve just come out of the shower or a steam room…I will be taking this along with me on my next spa trip!

I then went onto Primark and had a look at their make up range for the first time. I saw a customer pick up the eyelashes and she told me that her friend recommended them to her. They must be decent quality so I purchased a pack as I would normally buy my lashes from Sally’s which can be a bit pricey. (I’ve yet to try on these lashes but when I do I’ll be sure to take a selfie).😉

I then went onto lips, and I had a look at their pencils. They are quite thick but are smooth when applied and can easily be blended with other lippies which is what I’ve been doing. I would say give primark lip pencils a try..there’s no harm in having some of these in your make up stash.

Az xx




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