Scent of A Dream…Charlotte Tilbury


CT Perfume.jpg
Scent of A Dream by Charlotte Tilbury

Good evening loves, I hope everyone had a nice long weekend. I did too!

I’m not sure if any of you have seen my instagram page (azaniadesigns) but the official Charlotte Tilbury liked my picture above and commented! I was quite chuffed to say the least. 😁

Again, I was lavished with some more gifts and Scent of A Dream was one of them. Although I prefer furity and playful notes in my perfume, this perfume is the complete opposite and yet..I like it.

It is a strong smell, less playful and more serious…definitely aimed at a maturer audience.

Again depicting the classy, chic, and elegant woman.

It’s one of those scents that you would not wear everyday but for a grand occasion such as night out at the Opera, a Ballet or for a romantic evening with your lover…in Paris..under the Eiffel Tower. ❤

CT Lip strokes.jpg

I also want to get back to you all on my review on the Charlotte Tilbury lippies. I could not take a selfie with them as the colours did not suit me 🙈  but they do feel nice and smooth on the skin when applied and as you can see, quite rich in colour, hence why I would need to blend the colours with other lipsticks to water it down for my complexion as the pigment is strong.

I would definitely recommend her lippies and would like to try a burgundy colour as I find those lip colours suit me.

Do any of you have a burgundy colour lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury? And would you be able to show me what it looks like applied on.

Az xx



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  1. This is amazing. 👌

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