Catchin’ Up

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Hi guys, it’s been sooo long since I posted my last post. Apologies for that,but alot has gone on since I came back from trip to Malta (which was lovely by the way). I’ve also started my new job now which is very different to my last so I’m still trying to find my feet.

I also went to Poland for a couple of days for the FM Cosmetics seminar which was great! If you check out my Instagram page,

I was able to observe and video the make up stand. I did notice that there definitley needs to be a wider variety of cosmetics for women of colour.

There’s a few I have pictured above but I would have wanted to top up my make up stash with more. Hopefully in the next couple of months there will be an increase in cosmetics for women of colour and I will be reviewing them on here so stay tuned!

Az xxx




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