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Gettin’ Ready for Summer:   FM Make Up Fruity Lip Glosses & Imperial Leather Bodywash 


Good evening my lovelies, I hope everyone is having a nice bank holiday weekend. I know I’ve enjoyed mine! And as I mentioned some good news in my previous post, the good news is that I start a new job after my holiday! I am very much excited for the plans commencing in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve started on my toiletries shopping and I came across the new edition of Imperial Leather’s sweets fragranced body wash.

Now, if you know me, I absolutely love toiletries and generally all things that smell nice whether it be candles, soaps or sprays.

If you like sweet smelling products, definitely try out the Marsh Mallow and Fruit Chew bodywash.

I also purchased FM Cosmetics fruity lip glosses. Sometimes I want a break from all the lippies and liners so a coloured gloss is always a good substitute for a fun and flirtatious look.

Available in four flavours;

Raspberry, Peach, Wild Strawberry, Cherry

Az x



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  1. I have the fruit salad one in my favourites this month! The smell is incredible!!

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    1. I know!! I wonder if they’ll bring out any others

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  2. Oh I like sweet smelling things! I must try these out xx

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    1. Definitely hun. Highly recommended. Lol. x

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  3. Oh, I wish they were available for us here in Sweden! They seem amazing! 🙂

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