Bikini Goals

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Pride Magazine, Boux Avenue & Glamour Magazine Reads

Happy Sunday guys! This is been a great (and busy) weekend as I have received some good news and I am also counting down the days until my holiday!! I have  just over four weeks to grab hold of some stylish bikini’s and swimsuits.

I purchased two bikini’s from Boohoo last week. One unfortunately did not fit properly so I had to return it. I will be purchasing some more but I have seen some nice ones on Missguided and in Boux Avenue, although Boux Avenue does seem a little pricey…may have to treat myself to just one.

I’m not sure if any of you ladies have this problem but because of my body shape, I do find Bikini shopping a bit hard as I am slim at the top but bottom heavy  (Pear shaped I think is the word) so when I buy a set I don’t always get a perfect fit. I might be better off getting mix and match bikini sets so that I can pick the sizes individually.

I am also looking for patterned and colourful styles as well and not just your average plain Jane bikini.

Any body have any recommendations of any other online stores or shops for quirky but flirty, stylish and sexy bikini’s or swimsuits?

Az x




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