And the Holiday Shopping Begins!…

Blog outfit 1.jpg
Left – Right: Highwaisted Shorts-Primark, Printed Bikini- Asda George,  Black & Tan Sandels-Primark

Good evening guys, I have just under seven weeks until me and the mister fly out to Malta! I’ve been working hard these past couple of weeks so I am gladly looking forward to this bank holiday weekend where I am planning to indulge in some retail therapy and chill.I’ve started to write a list of the things I want to get (whether I stick to whats on it is another thing 🙈 ) and I have seen a couple of cute outfits on my beloved BooHoo site and on Missguided.

Whenever I choose to go on a little shopping spree I always start off with Primark. I think they have decent quality clothing for casual wear and just your basic Tees , vest tops and cami’s. I also find them alright for  accessories and everyday clothing essentials. I do try to not buy a lot from there as you end up wearing the same thing as everyone else so I recommend exploring different stores and diversifying your wardrobe.

Although these may not be the first places you initially think of when clothes shopping, supermarkets such as Asda (George clothing) and Tesco (F&F) actually have nice pieces at affordable can definitely pick up a thing or two.

I have not been abroad in a long while and I intend to make this a holiday with style. Do you readers have any recommendations any other stores or sites?

Your recommendations will be much appreciated 😘

Az x






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  1. You can try TopShop or Warehouse…I love their stuff!!

    Much Love..xx💗💕😚

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      1. My Pleasure!!😚❤️


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