Five Shades of Colour

Hey guys. Happy Easter! but what a miserable day it is. Nevertheless it encourages us to stay indoors and chill with our friends and family..and in my case work on my post.

I was meant to share this a couple of days ago actually, I bought some more cosmetics to add to my make up collection. They also have some new additions to their lips range that they have released which I’m sure to purchase soon.

I never used to focus much on my lips, but these days I’m beginning to like experimenting with different colours, textures and finishes..using lip liners and mixing them with clear glosses..luckily I already have full lips so I don’t need to spend time trying to make them look bigger!

lip gloss
FM Make up  Lip Glosses

Clockwise: Spicy Nude, Innocent Pink, Chilly Brown, Subtle Rose & Plum Gold

I like to use the spicy nude and plum gold. The spicy nude creates a tingling sensation making the lips appear more fuller and plump. The colours do last for a while but I tend to put them on top of my lipstick just to add that extra shine.

Check out my instagram page for more images and products.

Az x



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