My Post Valentines

Hi guys! I apologise for the late post. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day last weekend.

Just thought I’d share with you what I wore!

I was treated to an overnight stay in a hotel which included a three course dinner meal, so for a few days I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to wear, so I went onto my beloved site

I absolutely love Boohoo. I find their clothes fashionable, chic and I never have a problem with their sizes. Seeing as it was Valentines day, I wanted to be traditional and wear red, but not blood red, more like wine red.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 18.38.56.jpg
Eve Slinky Cross Front Midi Bodycon Dress- Boohoo Night
My Selfie in the dress/ Make Up- FM Cosmetics & Mac Matte Sin Lipstick













I do like figure hugging outfits.. but it does depend on the occasion. If you want to show off your assets in a modest way of course, the body con dresses for casual or going out is always a winner with me.

As usual, the nails had to get done..I wasn’t as adventurous with them as my my last post, but I wanted it to look classy with my outfit and not clash. I actually had a small accident and broke two of them…I could have cried! 😅 but luckily they were saved.


My next event to celebrate will be my birthday in the next couple of weeks so the outfit brainstorming begins all over again!

I’m open to any styles and design ideas you may have or suggestions to help me decide. Any other recommended clothing sites or stores will be appreciated.

Az x






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