Skincare vs Nature- The battle between maintaining good skin in the harsh Winter months

Skincare blog pic
The Skin System Range formulated for Asda

Good afternoon my lovelies! Hope everyone had a good week. I can’t believe this the last day of the month..where has the time gone!?

I feel like I’ve had quite a hectic week to be honest..this probably relates to most of us which explains why the time is going so fast! So yesterday I decided to treat myself to a mini pamper day…got my nails done and took some time out to take care of my skin.

I try at least one weekend to apply a facemask alongside my daily routine of moisturising and cleansing.

However, the weather this time of year is very harsh and can affect the skin in different ways so I may look to apply the facemask twice a week instead.

I know that with my skin at this time of year, I can get blemishes and little dark areas which can slightly change my pigmentation. I did go to the doctors about this previously and I was told that people of darker complexions tend to get this and other skin conditions when the weather gets colder…which I can see makes sense.

So how do I take care of my skin in the harsh Winter months?

Cleansing and Exfoliating

I like to experiment with different products, so instead of getting the usual Clearasil or Garnier products I thought I’d try Asda’s skin care range. I was already using the wipes daily to take off my make up but I hadn’t tried their face washes.

Skincare blog pic 2
Left- The Skin System Facial Scrub/   Right-The Skin System 3 in 1 Mask Scrub & Cleanser

I’ve been using it for quite some time now and I haven’t got anything bad to say about it!

I use the facial scrub most mornings. The tea tree and menthol aroma is actually soothing and freshens my face in the morning…waking me up! It also has exfoliating beads which I like in facial washes as I feel like I’m taking off grease and clearing my pores out. (I mostly moisturise my face with cocoa butter and if it’s really cold then Vaseline..I don’t use a lot but it is thick so it’s good for me to get a face wash that will take all that off). The Aloe Vera helps moisturise the skin afterwards not making it feel too dry after washing.

In the evening I alternate, I sometimes use the face mask as a wash and don’t let it set or use baby soap. I prefer not to use the same product all the time as I don’t want my skin to get too accustomed to a particular type or else it becomes less effective.

In my next skin care post, I will show what products I use on my skin when moisturising and how the weather determines my choice.

If you have a daily skincare routine do let me know, and any further advice, tips or reviews on what you use on your skin.

❤️ your skin.

Az x



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