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During the week, I was able to book some time off work and pop into the FM Cosmetics Store to replenish some of my favourite make up pieces. I will be introducing  a brand of make up and cosmetic products that I use alongside others to my page.

FM Group by Fedrerico Mahora is a brand that specialises in quality perfumes, beauty products and make up. They also have other product lines for the Home and Coffee.

FM Group Make Up products contain plant extracts, oils and rich in minerals. They are a relatively  new brand so they are constantly increasing their range of cosmetics and diversifying in order to appeal to all skin types.

Coming from an African Caribbean background and having darker skin; it sometimes can be quite a challenge to find the right shades to suit my complexion so I prefer to shop around and try different brands to enable me to figure out what textures I like, the finish and most importantly, how it reacts with my skin.

So, as I was flicking through the catalogue I came across their contour kit. I have heard about contouring but I’ve have never actually tried the I intend to give it a go! I’m not a make up artist but I am an artist, so I am hoping that the result shouldn’t be too bad. I know there are quite a few good kits out there and some that consist of powder or cream. One of my work colleagues recently purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, and I have pinpointed out which one I would like to add to my make up collection…(P.S. my birthday is soon so perhaps I can sway the boyfriend to buy me one..and a few other bits too!)

I’m all about experimenting so please feel free to share any of your contouring tips with me and advice on any other contour kits that have good reviews or that you have used yourself.

Az x








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  1. shawnadawnx says:

    I really love the Kat Von D and Lorac kits, they are lovely


    1. Thanks. I’ll check them out. Az x

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